How I can submit changes to the master repos in bitbucket?

I have seen a bitbucket Repos which I have private access. I fork (or clone the repos and got the access to the code).

in my own copy I made changes. Later I delete my own copy (I thing I will publish it to master directory).

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  • I thing I have submit the changes to my own directories. Now problem is how I can submit that changes to the main repos.

    Now when I right click on git commit -> Master then It’s not show me any files. I have seen that the files in main repos are same as old and not have any changes I have done.

    now someone help me then how I can commit the changes to the main repos of someone else. the repos of mine I have deleted on server so I have no idea how the main repos take my changes.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How I can submit changes to the master repos in bitbucket?”

    If your local clone refers to your BitBucket fork (that you just deleted), you can change your remote address named ‘origin’ to point it back to your main BitBucket repo.

    git remote set-url origin
    # or (https address)
    git remote set-url origin

    (see also, for https address, Is there a way to not have Bitbucket ask for my password every time when doing remote Mercurial operations? )

    See for more Change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository

    You can then push to origin, meaning this time your first private BitBucket repo.

    The OP comments:

    I check all setting again and found that I have used the location which is relate to main repos.

    I have tried it Git > sync > push all changes and it’s work fine

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