How does the Eclipse CDT indexer cooperate with version control?

I use both Git and ClearCase for different projects. I always wonder how the Eclipse CDT indexer cooperates (or not!) with the underlying version control.

For example, when you “git checkout” another branch, or in ClearCase change your config spec, the entire source tree could change underneath you. The index needs to be refreshed or rebuilt.

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    One feature you can use is the Scanner Discovery, also described in the FAQ and integrated in Eclipse Juno:

    CDT can parse output of my build and set includes (-I) and macros (-D) per file

    That can be useful when sources changes and the build is triggered again.
    Besides that, it is mainly View-->select Index-->rebuild when a ClearCase view or git working tree changes.
    The ClearCase view.dat or the .git repo metadata are ignored.

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