How does one recreate (merged) branch that was deleted from local and remote?

After merging a feature branch to development and then deleting the local and remote, I realized I forgot to merge this to the production branch.

When I try to checkout the final commit, I get a warning “Checking out this commit will create a detached HEAD, and you will no longer be on any branch..” so a little apprehensive on that action.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How does one recreate (merged) branch that was deleted from local and remote?”

    You could recreate it in the aggregate through cherry picking.

    Create a new branch off of prod. Then cherry-pick the new feature commits from develop and merge that into production.

    To do the cherry pick (as mentioned in the comments), you can do one commit at a time with git cherry-pick <hash> or you can do a series of commits with git cherry-pick <startingHash>..<finishingHash>

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