How does git know the sha1 name of the pack files?

Hypothetical situation:
I have a git repository, I have the index, HEAD, refs, packed-refs etc.
I don’t know the names of the pack files in .git/objects/pack

How does git figure out the name of the pack files? Is there a way to calculate the name of the pack files from the index file?

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  • Update:
    .git/objects/info/packs is the closest I’m gonna get to what I’m looking for. This file is not always present though.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How does git know the sha1 name of the pack files?”

    As a general rule, git just reads the contents of the objects/pack directory: it does not know a priori what the pack file SHA-1 values will be. However, when it goes to make a new pack file, it does calculate an SHA-1 and use that for the name of the pack file; and the name of the index is necessarily the same as the name of the pack-file, so if


    exists, then


    should also exist, for instance (these names found by looking in a directory, there’s no particular significance to these SHA-1s).

    There may also be .keep and .bitmap files corresponding to any given SHA-1 (bitmaps appear to be new in git 2.0.0).

    For more amusing enlightenment on pack files, see


    in the git source. 🙂

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