How do you use the Ubuntu command line to pull a project that's been uploaded onto Git?

I (think) I’ve set up Git correctly. How do I pull my friend’s project that he’s shared with me so that I can help him with it?

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    By “uploaded onto Git” I assume you mean “uploaded onto GitHub”. That’s an important distinction: Git is a source control system. GitHub is a place to host repositories that are controlled via git.

    To clone a repository that is hosted on GitHub, first log into your github account and go to the main page ( Off to the right, just under the tiles at the top will be a section labeled “Your Repositories”. The one your friend shared with you should be listed. Click on it. Then near the top of this new page, you’ll see a git clone url like “”. Copy this and then run the command:

    git clone

    Assuming you’re trying to clone a repository from GitHub, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Get the HTTPS URL of the repo as shown in this screenshot
    2. On a terminal window type the command (be sure to enter the URL you copied in step 1):

      git clone HTTPS_URL_COPIED_IN_STEP_1.git

    3. If you are asked for your GitHub username & password enter them now. Please note that the username is not your email address.

    If you have 2-factor authentication turned on, you’ll need to create a personal access token first.Your regular password will not work if you use 2-factor authentication on GitHub.

    Follow the instructions here to create the token. Once this is done, enter this in place of the password after step 2.

    try this:

    git pull origin <branch>
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