How do you use an existing completion for a function in zsh?

If I write a zsh function like this

function git_checkout_with_selecta() {
  if [[ -z $1 ]]; then
    git checkout `git branch --no-merged | selecta`
    git checkout "$@"
alias gco='git_checkout_with_selecta'

How can I apply the same tab completions that I have for ‘git checkout’ to the alias for the function ‘gco’?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How do you use an existing completion for a function in zsh?”

    compdef _git gco=git-checkout

    This will use the _git completion function, and sets git-checkout as the service/sub-command.

    Something like:

    compdef gco=git 

    If your completer triggers on git.

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