How do you make Git work with IntelliJ?

I am going to use Git version control by IntelliJ Community Edition in order to make branches of the programs I intend to develop. I am striving to accustom myself to its functionality and I come accross obstacles.

I follow the instructions of the web-page and although I do what it orders, when I reach Image5 I find an empty list under Default.

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  • It is possible that it does not matter I thought, so I continued the procedure.
    However when I come to most important section of Committing Changes to Master (Revision 1) the list is also empty and the commit changes does not detect any changes to my project (see Image13 and Image 14).

    Apart from that, I receive a message when I open the project once more indicating that the Git execution path is not correct. But how can I get knowledge of what execution path should be appropriate so as to insert it?

    Does anybody know a decent order of instructions (on a web site or by his won experience) which can guide me to how I can take advantage of Git functionality to incorporate it to my work? It is crucial for me to put my work through.

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    You need to specify the executable path of Git in the Git Settings, as mentionned in the per-requesites:

    The Git integration plugin is enabled and the location of the Git executable file is correctly specified on the Git page of the Settings dialog box.

    As long as you see “a message indicating that the Git execution path is not correct”, the rest of the instructions won’t work.

    Path to Git executable

    In this text box, specify the path to the Git executable file.
    Type the path manually or click the Browse button to open the Select Path - Git Configuration dialog box and select the location of the Git executable file in the directories tree.

    See “Where is git.exe located?” for the path of Git on Windows.

    • with Git for Windows:

      C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin




    • With GitHub Desktop:


    GitHub for Windows on Windows 7 currently installs Git in a path similar to this:


    The guid after PortableGit_ may well be different on your system.

    On unix systems, you can use the following command to determine where git is installed:

    whereis git

    If you are using MacOS and did a recent update, it is possible you have to agree to the licence terms again. Try typing ‘git’ in a terminal, and see if you get the following message:

    Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.

    git.exe is common for any git based applications like GitHub, Bitbucket etc. Some times it is possible that you have already installed another git based application so git.exe will be present in the bin folder of that application.

    For example if you installed bitbucket before github in your PC, you will find git.exe in C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree\git_local\bin
    instead of C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit.....\bin.

    For Linux users, check the value of GIT_HOME in your .env file in the home directory.

    1. Open terminal
    2. Type cd home/<username>/
    3. Open the .env file and check the value of GIT_HOME and select the git path appropriately

    PS: If you are not able to find the .env file, click on View on the formatting tool bar, select Show hidden files. You should be able to find the .env file now.

    install xcode on mac os to make work git with intellij

    On Window machine install any version of Git. I installed


    . Got to search program and search for git.exe. The file can be located under



    Open Intelli IDEA>Settings>Version Control>Git. On Path To Git executable add the path. Click on Test button. It will show a message as

    Git executed successfully

    Now click on Apply and Save. This will solve the issue.

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