How do I verify that a specific public key file is used with git?

I sent a 3rd party my public SSH key, which they used to add access for me to a particular repository. However, when I try to git clone, I get errors (in fact, I’m asked for a password).

I’ve run into issues before when what I thought was my public key, wasn’t in fact the public key used by my git client. My question:

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    >ssh info's password:     <--- this shouldn't happen

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    You can use an ~/.ssh/config file in order to specify the exact hostname, user and private key you want to use:

    Host wpengine 
    user git
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/myPrivateKey

    That way, there is no ambiguity as to which key is used.

    ssh -vvvT wpengine

    That command will tell you what is happening.
    Usually, the public key is incorrectly added to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the server side.

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