How do I update git to its latest version on Linux?

I have git version and would like to upgrade to the latest stable release of 1.8.4.

So I tried sudo apt-get install git as it says on the git downloads page for Linux but I get this result:

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  •   Reading package lists... Done
      Building dependency tree       
      Reading state information... Done
      git is already the newest version.
      0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 91 not upgraded.
    $ git --version 
      git version

    and I’m stuck with git version!

    I am on Ubuntu 11.04.

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    This is due to Ubuntu has not updated the package yet in their repositories. The only way around this would be to compile from source, which you can download from

    There are Ubuntu PPAs for Git, offering the latest version of it. Add one of those and you’ll be able to install it. For example:

    Read the “Adding this PPA to your system” information on how to do this.

    You should upgrade your whole system to raring at least:

    (If you adhere to packaged version.)

    But the source will be more fresh anyway.

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