How do I setup my Git repositories for Android development in Eclipse?

I need some help with properly versioning my Android project with Git/Eclipse.
I have no problem setting this up with a single Android project.

However, I am trying to figure out the proper and correct way to set this up, if I add one or more third party Android libraries to my main project (e.g. Facebook SDK).

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  • So currently I am using git-submodules to accomplish this, and here’s my directory structure:

       +--- /project/android-main/facebook-sdk

    I added facebook-sdk as a git-submodule within my android-main project.
    In Eclipse workspace’s android-main project, I am seeing the subfolder ‘facebook-sdk‘.

    Then here comes the kludge:
    I have to import ‘Existing project’ from /project/android-main/facebook-sdk as a new project, so that I can reference this project as a library from my android-main project.

    In the end, Eclipse workspace has three references to ‘facebook-sdk:

    1. The project itself in the workspace.
    2. because I added it as a git-submodule, it showed up as a folder in android-main project.
    3. Another folder ‘facebook_sdk_src‘ is created by the Android SDK plugin in android-main project.

    This seems to clutter the workspace and the main project, if I add more submodules.
    Am I doing it right?
    Is there a better way to use Android Libraries as a submodule in Eclipse?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I setup my Git repositories for Android development in Eclipse?”

    All of my Android projects are at the same level. Eclipse displays each project twice: in the workspace (workspace/library) and inside projects that reference it (workspace/project/library_src).

    You could try making both facebook-sdk and android-main submodules so that they’re at the same level. Something like this:

       +--- android-main.git
       +--- android-project/
               +--- android-main/
               +--- facebook-sdk/

    So create a bare repo for your android project (android-main.git). This repo doesn’t need to be in your workspace. Then add a subfolder for your code (android-project) and add your submodules.

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