How do I set all files in a subdirectory to use a specific eol using gitattributes?

I’ve been trying to set specific files to always use lf and not crlf regardless of autocrlf on the local system.

I tried creating a .gitattributes at the root of the project that only contained SquishIt.Tests/js/*.js eol=lf and I also tried SquishIt.Tests/js/ eol=lf. I pushed both of these attempts to my remote and then tried cloning it locally twice. The files under /js/ always showed up with CR+LF in both cases as autocrlf is on globally for me.

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  • I’m on a Windows machine, just in case it was unclear. Is what I’m attempting to achieve even possible?

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    I wanted to have all text files forced to use LF except one sub directory (.idea) which is forced to use ‘CRLF’. This is how my .gitattributes looks:

    * text eol=lf
    /.idea/* text eol=crlf

    So I assume yours should look like:

    * text=auto
    /SquishIt.Tests/js/* text eol=lf

    I would set autocrlf to false and set core.whitespace to cr-at-eol. It’s better to let your editors deal with the difference in line endings. Let git store them as they are.

    Hope this helps.

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