How do I securely store a .pem file when working with git-tracked heroku project?

I’ve got a git-tracked repo and am setting it up to work with APN for IOS push notifications. I’m looking at implementing the npm module in a similar way as here:

In this code, there is

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  • var options = {
        gateway: '', // this URL is different for Apple's Production Servers and changes when you go to production
        errorCallback: callback,
        cert: 'your-cert.pem', // ** NEED TO SET TO YOURS - see this tutorial -
        key:  'your-key.pem',  // ** NEED TO SET TO YOURS
        passphrase: 'your-pw', // ** NEED TO SET TO YOURS
        port: 2195,                       
        enhanced: true,                   
        cacheLength: 100                  

    However, how am I meant to reference my .pem files without committing them to Github?

    At the moment, I’m deploying to Heroku.

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    Do this via Heroku’s (environment) config variables.

    If you’re using node-apn or something similar, you should be able to pass in the certificate and key content instead of a path. Use ENV vars to pass in that the key content, as recommended by Heroku.

    cert: process.env.APN_CERT,
    key:  process.env.APN_KEY,
    passphrase: process.env.APN_PASSPHRASE,

    Since you can’t set multi-line values for app config in the web interface, you’ll have to use the command line to set APN_CERT and APN_KEY:

    $ heroku config:set APN_CERT="-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
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