How do I enable msysgit colored output when using console2

I’m having a hard time enabling git colored output on windows when using console2.

To trick git I’ve already SET TERM = ‘cygwin’. This enabled the colors from a standard cmd.exe prompt but not in console2. I’ve verified that console2 can see the env var as well.

Anyone know how to get this working?

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Ok, wow. The solution is to disable custom font color in console2. If enabled, it overrides the expected colors.

I use a custom color to give me opaque text when using c2’s alpha transparency. I completely forgot about it.

That is strange because, with a default installation of console2 (2.00.145) and msysgit (1.6.5) on Windows7, I do have the colors (without setting any particular environment variable):

alt text

This is consistent with TheDeeno’s since no custom font colors are defined in a default installation.

This is not directly answering your question but an important point regarding ANSI colored text in Console2. Console2 runs a cmd.exe instance by default, which does not support ANSI colors. If you change your shell (via Console2’s settings) to ansicon.exe you can get those beautiful colors.

If you want to run a Console2 bash shell with colors, add a tab with the following:

Shell: “C:\Program Files\ansi166\x64\ansicon.exe” c:\cygwin64\bin\bash –login -i”

Icon: C:\cygwin64\Cygwin-Terminal.ico

Note: Ensure that you are running compatible installs of each product (i.e. x86 vs x64).

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