How do I debug git-cvsimport? (can't see complicated commit)

About 40 minutes ago I committed a particularly complicated change involving several file renames, mergers, and deletes from git into cvs, using git-cvsexportcommit. This went fine, and a checkout from CVS sees the changes. However, the changes are not appearing when I run git-cvsimport to update my git mirror of the CVS repository.

I know that git-cvsimport delays importing very new changes to try to avoid making a git commit out of a multi-file CVS commit that isn’t completed yet, but I’m pretty sure that delay is only ten minutes.

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  • Any ideas what’s wrong? How do I even debug this? Do I need to run cvsps by hand and, if so, what would I be looking for?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I debug git-cvsimport? (can't see complicated commit)”

    You should try deleting the relevant cvsps cache file (should be in in ~/.cvsps/). I’ve had similar issues in the past and I that is what cleared it up.

    You could also try passing the -x option to cvsps which tells it to ignore the cache file. You can use git-cvsimport’s “-p” option to do this.

    If all else fails, I would guess a fresh git-cvsimport -C would pick up the change.

    Good luck!

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