How can one determine the committer of a cherry-pick in Git?

In Git, cherry-pick retains the original commit’s author, timestamp etc, at least when there are no conflicts. But is there any way to determine what user performed the cherry-pick which brought that commit to the new branch?

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    The author will be picked up from the original commit, but the committer (shown with git log --format=full) will be the one doing the cherry picking. This committer field is not secure, as cherry-pick commit creation is ultimately under the control of the cherry-picker. The only reliable way to track the commit creator, in this case the cherry pick instigator, is by signing off on the commit.

    A simpler method is to carefully log pushes on the git server. The commits introduced by a push indicate who did the cherry-pick or, more precisely, who published it.

    Use either the --pretty=full argument to git log which results in something like:

    git log -1 --pretty=full
    commit 123abc
    Author: Author Name
    Commit: Commiter Name
    Date: Wed Mar 20 09:43:20
    Commmit Message

    or, if you are only interested in the name of the commiter --format="%cN" which yields:

    git log -1 --format="%cN"
    Commiter Name

    See git-log(1) for more information.

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