How can I view new files that would be introduced on merging branches?

Imagine a branch named A. We fork a branch named B from it, and we commit stuff around. Some of the commits are modifiying existing files, while some of them will be introducing new files.

If I switch back from B to A, is there a way to find out what new files B will introduce when I merge them?

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    You can run git merge --no-commit --no-ff B, then see the changes and then rollback, or you can try git diff between last commits in A and B branches and examine this diff on order to see new files. If your branch B is branched from HEAD of branch A, there should not be any conflicts in git diff would run fine.

    The --stat option for git diff will give you a list:

    git diff --stat A..B

    use the --diff-filter=[(A|C|D|M|R|T|U|X|B)…[*]] option of git diff to filter out the A added files, or whichever is the important one for you.

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