How can I upload a DB to Heroku

I have a shared heroku app, now I wan’t to create a test app also in heroku with the same code, so I’ve created a new app, ok, the thing is that for the app to work it needs a database, so I’m trying to upload my local DB but don’t know how to.

Can anyone tell me what do I have to type in my command line so I can get my local DB uploaded?


Ps: The app uses Django

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    You should restore database from a url, see heroku import doc:

    heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE ''


    The pgbackups addon has been deprecated. The process is now built in to the CLI tools. More details here. The new method looks like this:

    heroku pg:backups restore '' DATABASE

    @danihp’s answer is a good one – it is exactly what the documentation recommends.

    BUT it requires posting the file in some awkward place like S3.

    However, as the OP asks – how can we do this without having to push the database dump to someplace awkward like S3?

    The most convenient answer I’ve been able to find (mentioned in @danihp’s comment) is to use dropbox.

    In detail (not described in danihp’s comment):


    • put the dump file into your “Public” dropbox folder
    • right click and choose “Copy Public Link”
    • Paste the url you just copied into the command:

      heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE_URL "<paste link here>"

    If you don’t want to put the dump file in your “Public” folder, then you need to do one more step.

    You need to

    • put is in some other dropbox folder
    • right click, and chose “share Dropbox Link”
    • paste the link into a browser, which will show you the dump file page
    • right click the “download” button and copy the URL.
    • paste that URL into the command.


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