How can I tell Jenkins to compile some, but not all branches of a repository?

At my place of work, we use a 2 letter coded naming convention when creating git branches.
For example, feature Apple, might be ftr_ap_hotfix and feature Orange might be done in branch ftr_or_hotfix.

I want to create two separate jobs in Jenkins. One job should compile all branches that match the name **_ap_** and the other job should compile all branches that match the name **_or_**

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  • However, when I set this up, Jenkins is compiling all branches no matter their name.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this?

    The only help I get from the Jenkins page is as follows:

    Specify the
    branches if you’d like to track a specific branch in a repository. If
    left blank, all branches will be examined for changes and built. The
    syntax is of the form: REPOSITORYNAME/BRANCH. In addition, BRANCH is
    recognized as a shorthand of */BRANCH, '*' is recognized as a
    wildcard, and '**' is recognized as wildcard that includes the
    separator ‘/’. Therefore, origin/branches* would match
    origin/branches-foo but not origin/branches/foo, while
    origin/branches** would match both origin/branches-foo and

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I tell Jenkins to compile some, but not all branches of a repository?”

    As commented, It might be possible that it would work only for hierarchical branch names:


    , instead of part of a branch name.
    So a naming convention like:

    • ftr/or/hotfix, with pattern ‘*/or/*‘ or ‘**/or/**
    • ftr_or/hotfix, with pattern ‘ftr_or/**

    could work better.

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