How can I see all the issues I'm watching on Github?

Github has a great feature where you can “watch” an issue. This is handy for getting notifications about progress on that issue.

However, sometimes you want to find the status of an issue you know you’ve flagged to watch, but can’t remember what it was. This is particularly interesting, imho, for projects that are not your own projects. E.g. watching a bug in a library that your project uses but you don’t contribute to frequently.

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  • What I tried: Note that this is different from watching a repo. I tried searching github help (for “watch issue” and “subscribe issue” with no luck. I read the Unsubscribing from Conversations with some hope, but it didn’t quite apply. While looking at the issues for the repository that I (think! I) subscribed to, I tried the various search criteria dropdowns with no luck. Last but not least, I read how to subscribe here at SO in case it mentioned how to see the subscribed list.

    To those who might flag this as not being about programming, I can only ask for a better place to put this? As Github is a commonly used programming tool, I view this as highly relevant.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How can I see all the issues I'm watching on Github?”

    Github does not have any option to list all the watched issues.

    Marking labels on such issues also does not solve the purpose.

    But github sends notification whenever there is any change in the issue. So you can check all the notification at a single place

    By default, this will show unread notifications (also indicated by a mailbox with a number in the top right corner). From that page you can choose “All Notifications”, or to see all the issues being watched that have had at least one update since you subscribed to it.

    The method below does not work for subscribe-only issues. So stop upvoting. ;-)

    As a workaround you can enter this into the search box, either on, or on

    is:open is:issue involves:YourUserName

    This will show you all issues in which you are involved in some way, either by creating them, commenting on them, subscribing them, being mentioned, or similar things. Obviously this will contain a lot of noise if you are very active, but currently it seems to be the only way to get these issues at all.

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