How can I resolve a permission denied error with git-remote-https?

I’m having trouble trying to clone a GitHub repository with the following command:

git clone

When I run it, I get this error:

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  • fatal: cannot exec 'git-remote-https': Permission denied

    How can I resolve it?

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     git clone

    Which should be the correct http address (instead of trying to access github through an ssh session) for a public repo.
    It will take advantage of their support for smart http.

     git clone

    is for private repo (as explained here), which should work if your id is right and your public ssh key correctly updated on your GitHub account.
    (Note: your original address was missing the /username/ part)

    The OP reports:

    my RSA keys were not used when authenticating, I did a ssh-add and added them.
    After that it worked figured it out by running ssh -vT in my terminal

    Every GitHub project has a ‘clone url’ widget to help you select the URL you need. Select it’s access method (GIT/HTTP/etc.) and copy the url.

    If it’s your own project (/ have write access to the project):

    git clone


    git clone

    If you want a readonly clone:

    git clone

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