How can I reject git pushes on an origin repo from a local repo if it does not pass unit tests?

I have an origin repo that I have full access to and I don’t want code to be pushed successfully to this repo unless the code being pushed successfully passes my unit tests. I saw many examples of .git/hooks/update scripts and they seem to break down into a few categories that do not fit my use case.

For example, in (, the script accesses files locally in the .git/hooks/ directory (ACL example) or individual files in the new or old SHAs.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I reject git pushes on an origin repo from a local repo if it does not pass unit tests?”

    I would recommend a guarded commit approach, where you are pushing to an intermediate repo, which:

    • triggers the mvn test
    • push, upon successful completion, to your actual intended repo.
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