How can I know what was the latest changes made to a branch?

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I am working on a new project from my development team.

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  • So I have just cloned the project. The project has 5 branches.

    I need to know what branch was the latest changes made to. So I can start working on that branch, as that would have the latest changes.

    I have looked at the log. However, but that doesn’t tell me that branches those commits where made to.

    Many thanks for any suggestions,

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    A git log --decorate would add tags and branches to each line.


    Print out the ref names of any commits that are shown.
    If short is specified, the ref name prefixes refs/heads/, refs/tags/ and refs/remotes/ will not be printed.
    If full is specified, the full ref name (including prefix) will be printed.
    The default option is short.

    You can use git for-each-ref to get a list of branches ordered by the date of the last commit on those branches, for instance:

    git fetch origin # Update all your remote tracking branches from origin
    git for-each-ref --sort=committerdate refs/remotes/origin/

    The branches listed at the end have the most recent commits at their tip. (For a script that produces the relevant dates as well as the branch name you could look here.)

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