How can I include a version file in a commit?

Warning: I’m not a git wizard, so I may not have the right terminology…

Before I push a release to github, I create a version file that reflects the current commit tag, sort of like this:

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    BUILD=`git describe --all --tags`
    echo VERSION = [${MAJOR}, ${MINOR}, #{BUILD}] > version.rb
    git push origin master

    This works, but for the obvious flaw that version.rb is modified after the commit has happened. I can add verion.rb to .gitignore, but is there a way to sneak verion.rb into the config after the commit without creating a new tag? Or is there another approach I’m not thinking of?

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    This is a Ruby specific answer, but you can probably implement something equivalent in your environment of choice…

    original answer

    After looking at the comments and digging deeper into git documentation, it seems imprudent to try to use the git tag as part of the version number, if only because the git tag isn’t available until after the commit.

    So I wrote a simple rake task to bump the build number directly in my config/version.rb file. I run this script before doing the commit and deployment:

    # Read config/version.rb file containing
    #   VERSION = [a, b, c]
    # Overwrite config/version.rb file to contain:
    #   VERSION = [a, b, c+1]
    task :bump_version do
      desc "increment build number in config/version.rb"
      file = "config/version.rb"
      unless (File.exist?(file))
        $stderr.puts("cannot locate version file #{file}")
        s = {|f|}
        if (s =~ /(\d+)\D+(\d+)\D+(\d+)/)
          s1 = "VERSION = [#{$1}, #{$2}, #{$3.to_i + 1}]"
, "w") {|f| f.puts(s1) }
          $stderr.puts("cannot parse version file")

    Works fine for me.

    Use git commit --ammend -m <pithy comment> to add changes to the last commit. This would go just before the push command in your example above.

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