How can I git pull –rebase but taking all remote changes?

I did git fetch and then git pull --rebase. It is trying to merge changes from the remote branch to my local branch. And there are some merge conflicts. So I did a git reset --hard.

My question is it is possible for me to ask git pull to take the remote change whenever there is a conflict?

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    I think what you want is this:

    git pull --rebase -s recursive -X ours

    But it doesn’t work (I’m using, even though the manpage says it should. I’m guessing this is due to the issue mentioned here.

    Instead, you could use:

    git pull -s recursive -X theirs

    It works as expected, but you’ll get a merge instead of a rebase.

    Also – note ‘ours’, rather than ‘theirs’ when using –rebase. From the git-rebase manpage:

    [CLIP]… a rebase merge works by replaying each commit from the working branch on top of the upstream branch. Because of this, when a merge conflict happens, the side reported as ours is the so-far rebased series, starting with upstream, and theirs is the working branch. In other words, the sides are swapped. …[CLIP]

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