How can I get the current git branch in gradle?

I’m writing a task to deploy my application to the server. However, I’d like for this task to run only if my current git branch is the master branch.
How can I get the current git branch?

gradle-git approach:

I know there is a gradle-git plugin that has a method getWorkingBranch() under the task GitBranchList, but anytime I try to execute

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  • task getBranchName(type: GitBranchList) {
       print getWorkingBranch().name

    I get a “Task has not executed yet” error. I looked at the source and it throws that error when there is no branch set. Does that mean this method doesn’t do quite what I think it does? That I need to set the branch somewhere?

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    No this doesn’t mean that the branch is not set. It means that the task hasn’t really executed yet. What you’re trying to do is calling a method in the configuration closure, whereas you probably want to call it after task execution. Try to change your task to:

    task getBranchName(type: GitBranchList) << {
        print getWorkingBranch().name

    With the << you’re adding a doLast, which will be executed after the task has been executed.

    You also are able to get git branch name without the plug-in.

    def gitBranch() {
        def branch = ""
        def proc = "git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD".execute() { line -> branch = line }
        proc.err.eachLine { line -> println line }

    Refer to: Gradle & GIT : How to map your branch to a deployment profile

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