How Can I Get My Play! 2.0 Application to Automatically Compile Protocol Buffers?

I have a few .proto files for my project that I used the generated Java source for. I would like Play to automatically compile and include these files during project compilation.

Ideally, I would keep my .proto files within the app directory as follows:

<play root>/

A few requirements are as follows:

  • The generated source should not be included in git
  • Heroku must be able to compile the protobufs during deployment

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How Can I Get My Play! 2.0 Application to Automatically Compile Protocol Buffers?”

    You can use sbt-protobuf. You will need to configure a few files as follows (using sbt 0.11 or greater):


    resolvers += "gseitz@github" at ""
    addSbtPlugin("com.github.gseitz" % "sbt-protobuf" % "0.2.2")


    // must be at top of file
    import sbtprotobuf.{ProtobufPlugin=>PB}
    seq(PB.protobufSettings: _*)
    javaSource in PB.protobufConfig <<= (sourceManaged in Compile)

    This configuration will expect protobufs in app/protobuf and place them in the managed (not version controlled) source directory.

    Warning – Do not give your protobuf files the package name messages, it will interfere with Play and you will get i18n errors all over the place.

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