How can I better manage a git repo for github pages that uses yeoman?

With Github pages for users and organizations, everything in the root of the master branch is what gets published. I am using yeoman/grunt to build my site and do not want to push my source files there.

When using something like the webapp generator, all of the public files are put in a dist folder.

Is there some way that I can keep all of my source files in a develop branch and merge the dist folder into the master branch and also change the path so that the files are in the root?


When looking up deployment ideas, I just stumbled across a page on the yeoman site itself that talks about this, although it’s for project pages and not user/org pages, I may have to modify it some. I will post back after I get it working.

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    You can use git filter-branch:

    $ git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter dist/ -f

    Use git submodule.

    Check the blog for How to generate github pages in a submodule

    FYI gulp-webapp has a recipe for this that works great. I switched from a user/org page to a project page to take advantage of it, and realized in doing so I didn’t actually need a user/org page at all.

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