How can i add an administrative build in jenkins?

i’m trying to figure out how can i add an administrative build to Jenkins that will manage a few builds, and how can i path the parameters from the administrative build to the child builds.

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    Parameterized Trigger Plugin is what you’re looking for.

    Once you’ve installed the plugin, refer 2nd snapshot below. Go to Configure page of your project. Search for Build > Add build step > From drop-down menu, select Trigger/call builds on other projects. After that, click on Add Parameters > From drop-down menu, select Current build parameters

    enter image description here

    Above snapshot is of parent job A where i am defining a string parameter, which will be utilized in its child job B.

    enter image description here

    Above snapshot is again of parent job A where i am specifying the downstream (child) job B and also enabling Current build parameters, which will ensure that the parameters defined in parent job A are visible to child jobs. Once we are done with these settings, we should be able to see the upstream job link in the child job B as shown below. This will confirm that things are fine till now. 🙂

    enter image description here

    Now the only task left is using/calling the variable (defined in parent job A) in child job B. This is shown in the below snapshot:

    enter image description here

    • I tested it on Windows so i used %string%.

    • If you’re on UNIX/Linux machine, select ‘Execute shell’ and use ${string}

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