How can a user with read-only access to Git make a pull request?

I’m working on some collaborative projects with my coworkers. We’re starting to adopt Git.

I have a repository in Bitbucket, and I gave read-only access to one of my associates. After he made ​​his corrections and contributions to the project, how can he make a “pull request” if his user profile is read-only? How can he upload his branches to the repository?

The second, taking a user profile writing, as we can prevent its branches merge repository to master without having gone through a “pull request” and that the administrator has decided to accept your request.

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    If your coworker only has read access to the repo, then he’ll need to fork the repo, clone it down, make his changes, push them back up, and then make a pull request from his repo to yours.

    Obviously you’ll have your reasons for restricting permissions, but if he has read-write access to the repo, he simply needs to make a branch on that repo, push it, and he can then issue the pull request.

    Here is some additional info from bitbucket on working with pull requests

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