Heroku not updating css for rails app

I’m having trouble updating my rails app on heroku. I’ve gotten my app up but I tried to change my application.css file in /public/stylesheets/ but whenever I try to push to heroku, the CSS never changes. I tested these changes locally and they work just fine, I just can’t figure out how to push them to heroku. I’ve tried pushing with git push heroku, heroku db:push, and heroku rake db:migrate but nothing works. Thanks for your help.

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    Remember that you have to commit the changes locally before you can push them.

    If you do a git status, it should be clean.

    If it’s not (my prediction):

    git commit -am "Your commit message"
    git push heroku master

    Each time you make changes on your CSS you need to run the following commands on the terminal:

    $bundle exec rake assets:precompile
    $git add . 
    $git commit -m "msg" 
    $git push heroku master

    In my case it was because a previous developer had set up to do compiles locally instead of at deploy time. I had a manifest file that I needed to delete:

    public/assets/manifest-<md5 hash>.json

    Once I deleted that and pushed, heroku built my assets.

    If you have recently deleted a css file, you should also use ‘git rm’ to ensure that it has been removed from your repository. Otherwise heroku may still use it.

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