heroku app not being properly updated?

I’m new to the web development scene, so sorry if my lack of knowledge bugs you

When i run my local code using rails s and testing on my own server, the front end is not the same as the local one.

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  • My first attempt was to initially fix some snippet of code, then use git push, then git push heroku master.

    I’ve tried deleting the app and pushing fresh new code again, and it still doesn’t work

    I’ve tried heroku restart, and no changes also

    Any suggestions?


    pictures for clarity

    top is local, bottom is heroku server

    Local one

    heroku one

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “heroku app not being properly updated?”

    Further to @RSB‘s comment, you’ll probably find that your CSS is not being compiled properly

    To fix this, you’ll have to perform a precompile when you deploy. However, Heroku already does this, so probably won’t be an issue

    The best thing to do is eliminate any potential issues –

    1. #config/environments/production.rbconfig.serve_static_assets = true
    2. local – rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production
    3. git add .
    4. git commit -a -m "CSS Test"
    5. git push heroku master

    Try running this command in your project folder

    heroku run rake assets:precompile
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