Heroku app doesn't get updated after git push heroku master

I have made an Angular app with Yeoman and deployed it to heroku. The initial push was fine. I was able to access the website. However, when I made some changes and try to do the git dance:

    git add .
    git commit -m "message"
    git push heroku master

the website is not updated with the new changes even though there is no error occurred during the push.

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  • In order to check if the changes are actually pushed to heroku, I checked out a new branch and make some changes then commit and run:

       git add .
       git commit -m "new changes"
       git push heroku new_branch:master
       git co master
       git pull heroku master

    After that, I am able to see the local master branch is able to pull the new changes from heroku. Therefore, my question is that why the website is not showing the changes. (PS: I ran heroku restart everytime I push to heroku. Also, during pushing, the terminal shows that gifsicle and jsonify seems to not work correctly. Could that be the cause?)

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    For anyone else ending up here with the same question. Make sure you build your client code before you push. I had the exact same problem, spent hours debugging only to realize i had forgotten to run ng-build -prod before pushing.
    My local changes was pushed but my client production code was obviously still the same. ;(

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