HEAD~ vs HEAD^ vs HEAD@{} also known as tilde vs caret vs at sign

HEAD is a pointer at the current branch. I have seen a variety of notations for ancestors of HEAD including

  • HEAD~2
  • HEAD^2
  • HEAD@{2}
  • HEAD~~
  • HEAD^^

What does each of the above mean, exactly? Where is the documentation for this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “HEAD~ vs HEAD^ vs HEAD@{} also known as tilde vs caret vs at sign”

    • HEAD~2 : 2 commits older than HEAD
    • HEAD^2 : the second parent of HEAD, if HEAD was a merge, otherwise illegal
    • HEAD@{2} : refers to the 3rd listing in the overview of git reflog
    • HEAD~~ : 2 commits older than HEAD
    • HEAD^^ : 2 commits older than HEAD

    Documentation can be found here.

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