Have JIRA send mails to watchers on commit from Stash on a ticket

Our workflow is as follows:

My question is, Is there any event that is or can be fired in Jira that can be used for triggering email notification?

So if Alice, Bob and Charlie watch ABC-123, they should get an email about the commit by our Developer.

I have scourged the official documentation from Atlassian some examples, and various plugins, but didn’t seem to find anything.

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    In general the work flow you use requires Git Integration Plugin for JIRA or JIRA DVCS Connector (if you are using Bitbucket or Github) so I assume you use that.

    An alternative is to use the JIRA REST API to handle your tickets with git hooks – this should trigger the notifications on the JIRA tickets, since it’s basically a shortcut that handles your JIRA tickets directly from commit messages – it’s same as if you did it manually.

    Assuming you have Git Integration Plugin for Jira, to make your notifications work you will have to edit the Notification Scheme – you will have to setup the project permissions – specifically View Development Tools permission must be granted to Users > Group > Project Roles (read Setting Up Repositories on http://bigbrassband.com/documentation.html) in order to view the git related data on JIRA ticket.

    You may also want to go through all settings in the plugin “Advanced setup” and check if any of this features is set to Disabled and enable it.

    It looks like there’s something called the Notification Assistant for JIRA. I’m pretty sure this is what my company uses to notify us of Github commits via the Hipchat application. Looks like there’s a way to have it auto-generate emails for you too.

    Take a look in the slideshow for it. Here’s a couple screenshots that make me think this is what you’re looking for.

    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    Looking at the events within JIRA that can be notified from, other than “Generic Event” which I’m not sure when will be fired, perhaps using some of the other smart commit tags could help achieve this goal?

    For example, developers could prepend their commit messages with ISSUE_KEY #comment so their commit comment gets added as a comment to the JIRA issue. Then you could configure the “Issue Commented” event to notify the appropriate people.

    If you have Jira admin access you may change all that relates to Jira notifications. At my previous company all Jira users will get notifications on a standard Jira group … others that needs specific notifications will be added into different jira groups under Jira admin

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