GUI for bare git repo

Is there a GUI for a bare git repo directory ( there is no working tree anywhere ) that I can:

  • Check logs
  • See the whole working tree structure for any commits

Regarding to why I need this:

My git is init as this:
git –git-dir=xx –work-tree=yy init ( Add/commit to bare repo from a non-git folder )

I couldn’t find a tool can work with this situation ( separated working tree and repo )

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “GUI for bare git repo”

    For your situation, you can do:

    git --git-dir=xx --work-tree=yy gui

    and visualize log etc.

    Or, just clone the bare repo – git clone path/to/bare.git . and operate on that.

    Note that you combine the -n and -l ( which is default for local clone anyway) you won’t get a working directory and also, the objects and refs are hard-linked and you don’t use up much space.

    You can simply run gitk –all from the git folder you specified as the parameter and inspect your repo.

    For others that hit this question: if you are concerned about space taken up by a working directory, clone with the -n (no checkout option):

    git clone -n <url to your repo>
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