grails add svn revision to app.version

I’m trying to add the svn revision to my app.version without requiring ant or some other similar external tool. It looks like I might be able to hook into _Events.groovy to this, but the documentation is relatively sparse.

Anyone know how to do this?

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    This link from the Grails nabble mailing list has the solution you’re looking for. Also putting the code here for completeness:

    In scripts/_Events.groovy

    eventWarStart = { type -> 
        println "******************* eventWarStart *****************" 
        try { 
            // initialise SVNKit 
            SVNClientManager clientManager = SVNClientManager.newInstance(); 
            println "clientManager = " + clientManager.toString(); 
            SVNWCClient wcClient = clientManager.getWCClient(); 
            println "wcClient = " + wcClient.toString(); 
            // the svnkit equivalent of "svn info" 
            File baseFile = new File(basedir); 
            println "baseFile = " + baseFile.toString(); 
            SVNInfo svninfo = wcClient.doInfo(baseFile, SVNRevision.WORKING); 
            println "svninfo = " + svninfo.toString(); 
            def version = svninfo.getURL(); 
            println "Setting Version to: ${version}" 
            metadata.'app.version' = "${version}".toString() 
        catch (SVNException ex) { 
            //something went wrong 
            println "**************** SVN exception **************" 
            println ex.getMessage(); 
    } // End eventWarStart() 

    Grails 3.x, in build.gradle, add svn revision to app version:

    version "1.0.${getSvnRevision()}"
    def getSvnRevision() {
        def proc = "svnversion".execute()
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