Good way to manage CakePHP, MAMP, and git?

I’d like to get started with using git using the free bitbucket account.

Right now, I’m using Mac along with MAMP. I have MAMP set my Document Root into my Sites folder, as /Users/kurisukun/Sites. Then for my cakephp, I just plopped the entire cakephp folder into the sites. So my folder structure looks like this:

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  • /Users/kurisukun/Sites

    However, when I began trying out the git installation, I noticed that after creating a repository on bitbucket and cloning it into my Sites folder, it creates a sub-folder, such as:


    The problem with this is that it breaks my cake. I believe it would work if I keep changing my MAMP Document Root to the appropriate webroot folder. As in the above case, I’d go into MAMP and change the Document Root to /Users/kurisukun/Sites/myproject1/app/webroot. But when I want to change to another project to run, then I’d have to change the Document Root to say, /Users/kurisukun/Sites/myproject2/app/webroot.

    In the end, I would like to be able to use a subfolder structure like this as a way to have multiple cake projects. Each project will be a cloned git repository. But, is there a way to not have to change MAMP’s Document Root each time I want to run another cake project?

    Thank you!

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    I have a very similar setup to yours, and your folder structure should work nicely, with each of your projects inside of your /Sites directory. You’ll just need the appropriate Apache configuration to set up each one of your projects on their own domain. I use http://{project}.localhost as the URL for each of my projects. In your httpd.conf (mine is located in /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf) you’ll want to add a directive for your new project, for example, place this at the bottom of your httpd.conf:

    <VirtualHost *>
    ServerName myproject1.localhost:80
    DocumentRoot "/Users/kurisukun/Sites/myproject1"

    Note that I’m using port 80 for my MAMP, so substitute that number for 8888 or whichever port you’re using if necessary. And then you’ll just need to set your /etc/hosts file to recognize your new domain. You’ll need to edit the file as root, so:

    $ sudo emacs /etc/hosts/

    (you can substitute vim/nano/text editor of your choice), and inside the file you’ll want to add the line:       myproject1.localhost

    And then try hitting http://myproject.localhost in your browser — or http://myproject.localhost:%5Bport%5D if it’s not 80 — and you should be all set!

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