`git:remote` is not a heroku command

I deployed an app a few days ago and I am trying to modify some pages. To work on my current version, I wanted to fetch my files from heroku.

I used:

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  • heroku git:remote -a fierce-escarpment-8305

    like it is said on the page

    and received the message:

      !    `git:remote` is not a heroku command.
      !    See `heroku help` for a list of available commands.

    I don’t know what that means. Can anyone help me ?

    Thank you

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  • One Solution collect form web for “`git:remote` is not a heroku command”

    heroku git:remote is a fairly new addition to the Heroku gem (it was added in version 2.30.0 on 25th July 2012). Since it’s so recent, you probably have an older version installed.

    Check your version with this command:

    heroku --version

    If it’s less than 2.30.0 then you can upgrade with this command:

    gem update heroku

    You could also remove the Gem completely (it’s now deprecated) and switch to the Heroku Toolbelt version of the heroku command. You can get it from toolbelt.heroku.com.

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