gitosis-init for 2nd user? (need to make a new owner for gitosis-admin)

Here’s the situation:

We have a git repository, managed by gitosis. One user user managed the gitosis-admin repository (via git-init).

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  • Now we need to add other users to access gitosis-admin, however the initial user’s laptop died, so they do not have access to the gitosis-admin repository (normally you would just commit a change to that repository to add users).

    So…how do I add new users to the git projects that gitosis managed, when I don’t have access to gitosis-admin? All I have access to is the server where git and gitosis are installed.

    I tried running ‘sudo -H -u git gitosis-init < /tmp/’ for the 2nd user, but that did not work. gitosis keeps asking for the ‘git’ ssh password when trying to clone the gitosis-admin repository. And without cloning the gitosis-admin repo it doesn’t seem like I can add any users as authorized user to make changes to that or other repos…

    Any wizards know how to handle this situation?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “gitosis-init for 2nd user? (need to make a new owner for gitosis-admin)”

    Following this tutorial solved it:

    Had to checkout gitosis-admin locally on the server and make the changes.


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