GitLab unable to automerge. Merge request contains merge conflicts that must be resolved

GitLab is unable to automerge requests. All merge requests get the message “This merge request contains merge conflicts that must be resolved. You can try it manually on the command line”

The message seems incorrect, and I tested this by creating a new branch with “git branch -b new-branch-name” and change a file that is not going to cause merge conflicts.

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  • When I push this new branch and create a new merge request, Gitlab still says it cannot auto merge.

    Any recommendations to fix this and what the reason is GitLab gives the “This merge request contains merge conflicts” message?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GitLab unable to automerge. Merge request contains merge conflicts that must be resolved”

    This happens when your current branch is not in sync with remote branch. In this case, sometimes Git gets confused what to retain and what to ignore.

    To fix this do following

    ; Go to master branch
    git checkout develop
    ; update master branch
    git pull
    ; go to you local branch and merge it with changes from master
    git checkout local-branch
    git merge develop

    Resolve the conflicts if you get any. – Reference

    Your merge conflicts should be fixed by now.

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