gitlab-shell push fatal error

I am having problem in getting my initial repo pushed to gitlabhq server using gilab-shell. Earlier I had setup gitlabhq (2.1) + gitolite that is working fine.

ssh -T
Welcome to GitLab 5.2, Anonymous!

But when I try to push anything

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    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    I checked across many answers in stackover flow and the issue list of gitlab but non of them seems to help me.

    GitLab v5.0 git push problems!msg/gitlabhq/dqiHDBrXOjQ/PEntFiYxTGUJ

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    Answering my own question. The issue turn out to be with gitlab url.

    So it was not issue more of a configuration setup. The config.yml of gitlab-shell should correctly point the URL. In my case it was

    Also, I use RVM for all ruby stuff, so make sure change all ruby binary path in gitlab config files from /usr/bin/ruby to $HOME/.rvm/bin/ruby.

    $ git config –global “Your Name Comes Here”
    $ git config –global

    First type the above commands with your username as email and password.

    then type these line of code
    $ git init
    $ git add .

    then type the command it will work.

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