Gitlab and Redmine –

I’m looking to get Redmine integration with Gitlab 6.0 working.



        project_url: ""
        issues_url: ""
        new_issue_url: ""

However, I run into problems and get the following below:

  • We're sorry, but something went wrong message in the browser
  • production.log only has the message Connecting to database specified by database.yml

If I comment out issues_url and new_issue_url, Gitlab works, but the Gitlab continues to use the “base” issue tracker.

In gitlab.yml, redmine: has no effect.

Any suggestions?

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    It’s correct configuration:

      ## External issues trackers
          project_url: ""
          issues_url: ""
          new_issue_url: ""

    If you show a copy-paste code part from your config – I can imagine that you misjudge the gaps (not erased once before redmine:)

    I’ve met this situation, too.
    I guess you have set something related to issue system before correcting your config file.
    Fixing configuration file doesn’t fix everything, u need to fix mysql, too.

    use gitlab;
    update projects set issues_tracker="gitlab" where issues_tracker != "gitlab";

    that should work.

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