.gitignore isn't ignoring itself

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    As Carl Norum pointed out, files are not allowed to be tracked in order to be ignored. You will have to call

    git rm --cached .gitignore

    in order for it to actually be ignored.

    But what you are trying to do is a very bad idea. The .gitignore file is supposed to be tracked, so it’s ensured that the stuff listed in there is actually ignored on all client machines. If that’s not the case, another dev might add a file to the repo that you wanted to ignore, and you will get into trouble.

    Even running the command above might already cause trouble, as it will delete that file for every dev.

    If for some reason you want to ignore stuff only on your machine (and you are sure that’s a good idea), you need to add that to .git/info/exclude. That file has the same function as .gitignore, but is not supposed to be shared with the other devs.

    Your .gitignore file only ignores untracked files. Since you’re presumably tracking your .gitignore file, you will see changes to it in the output of git status.

    If you want to ignore something but you don’t want to check it in, add it to your global git ignore file instead of the one checked into the repository.

    Stop tracking the .gitignore file:

    How to stop tracking and ignore changes to a file in Git?

    git rm --cached .gitignore 

    Possibly because you already added the .gitignore file in the past.

    Note that git will not ignore a file that was already tracked before a
    rule was added to this file to ignore it. In such a case the file must
    be un-tracked, usually with git rm --cached filename

    From https://help.github.com/articles/ignoring-files

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