.gitignore ignore all files then recursively allow *.foo

There’s already several questions similar to this, but none of the answers work for me.

I want to ignore everything in the folders below my repository except files with *.foo

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  • (If anyone is wondering how this can be justified – I’m actually making a git repository for all my “Logic” projects – music software on the mac – but I only want to store the actual project files *.logic)

    I’m going to spell it out, so we’re all on the same plate.
    Here’s what I do, starting from scratch:


    mkdir temp
    cd temp
    mkdir testdir
    cd testdir
    touch include.foo
    touch dontinclude.bad
    git init
    touch .gitignore

    Paste this in to .gitignore

    # Ignore all
    # But not these files...

    git status

    And the only untracked file is .gitignore

    if I typed ‘git add .’ – no change, only .gitignore is seen and my 2 files are ignored.

    Why doesn’t this work and how can you change the procedure above to make it work?

    Here’s the extremely similar question where I got the .gitignore file from.
    I’m using git –version 1.7.7 (also tried 1.7.3) – .gitignore to ignore all files, then recursively allows files of a certain type

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  • One Solution collect form web for “.gitignore ignore all files then recursively allow *.foo”

    Your problem is that the /* pattern at the beginning is matching all files and directories at the top level – including testdir, so everything inside testdir is ignored.

    This is what you want:

    # Ignore everything
    # Don't ignore directories, so we can recurse into them
    # Don't ignore .gitignore and *.foo files

    When you do a git add . with this config, you should find you have only .gitignore and *.foo files listed as changes to be committed.

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