.gitignore for directories at a specific depth?

I have directories at components/root/js/ and components/example/js/, and I don’t want these to be tracked by Git.

However, I have a directory components/root/js2/plugins/js/, which I want to have tracked by Git.

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  • I’ve looked up on this online and only found **, which I believe does not solve my problem.

    My current .gitconfig contains the line:


    I’ve tried changing this to:


    But this matches for components/root/js/, components/example/js/, but also components/root/js2/plugins/js/ (a js folder below the second level of components – I only want to ignore js folders at the second level).

    How can I achieve this goal?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “.gitignore for directories at a specific depth?”

    OK, how about this:


    It will ignore all directories called js except for ones specified after !. In such scenario git will ignore components/root/js/ but won’t ignore components/root/js2/plugins/js/.

    ** won’t work because as it’s said in man gitignore:

    A trailing “**” matches everything inside. For example, “abc/**”
    matches all files inside directory “abc”, relative to the location of
    the .gitignore file, with infinite depth.

    You can put .gitigore files in any directory which will be a more reliable solution if the directories are moved later.

    I would create 2 .gitignore files:

    • One at the project root /.gitignore which excludes js


    • One in the plugins directory /components/root/js2/plugins/.gitignore which overrides root .gitignore


    If the plugins directory will be moved later, e.g. to components/root/plugins the .gitignore will be moved too.

    If you configure everything in the root .gitignore you must not forget to edit the root .gitignore if the directory is moved.

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