GitHub shows directories twice that have been renamed

I have a git repository that had a directory called Code. We wanted to remove the capitalization and change the directory name to code. We made that change locally and pushed it to the repo. Now on GitHub, it appears that the repository has two copies of the directory, one with each capitalization. When you clone the repo, you get the directory labeled code on GitHub, but the local repository calls it Code, and there is no Code directory in the local repo.

Any ideas on how to remove the capitalized Code from GitHub?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GitHub shows directories twice that have been renamed”

    According to the github page of your project, it seems you solved your problem.

    I bet you moved your folders using mv and git add-ed the uppercase-version and did not stage the removal of the lowercase-version. You have to “add” the deletion.

    To move things around, git mv takes care of everything for you.

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