Github – Pull Request, ignore some file changes

When I do a Pull Request on GitHub (against master branch), can we ignore some file changes, like

  • we have one file named ‘fileA’ in branch ‘release’, and we have the same file in ‘master’, but we do some changes in ‘fileA’ in branch ‘release’
  • when we do a Pull Request, is there any way we can ignore the changes in ‘fileA’, do not let that merge into ‘master’.

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    You can’t ignore some files from a pull request selectively.
    Two workarounds for this can be –

    First –

    • Create a new branch from ‘release’
    • Replace the non-required files from ‘master’
    • Create pull request from this new branch

    Second –

    • Create a new branch from ‘master’
    • Put changes of required files from ‘release’
    • Create pull request from this new branch

    Any of this method will work. Which will be easier depends upon how many files are to be included / excluded.

    Create branch with last commit you agree with:

    git branch my-branch <sha>
    git checkout my-branch

    Select commits you want to pull request as patches:

    git format-patch -10 <sha> --stdout > 0001-last-10-commits.patch

    Apply patches:

    git am < 0001-last-10-commits.patch

    Your commits will be as they was. You can git push -u origin my-branch immediately.

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