GitHub Pages site cannot find files (404 errors)

On my GitHub pages site I get the following error:

404 errors

I have also had the same problem on another repository.

I have run install with npm, bower, and gulp already to check all dependencies are installed.

So I wrote To GitHub support and they told me “It looks like your index.html file is trying to load files that don’t exist”.

I created this all with the yeoman generator; I didn’t make any changes .

If someone has any idea about this please tell me.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GitHub Pages site cannot find files (404 errors)”

    The 404 errors are correct, those paths do not exist on your gh-pages branch as they are required to be for this to work.

    | Type of GitHub  Pages Site           | Pages default domain &  host location on GitHub | Publishing Branch |
    | User Pages Site                      |                              | master            |
    | Organization Pages Site              |                               | master            |
    | Project Page Owned By a User Account |                  | gh-pages          |
    | Project Page Owned By an Oganization |                   | gh-pages          |
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