GitHub Issue with SSH Keys

So, I created a Github SSH Key for my Win10 PC. I used my e-mail that’s linked to my Github account when creating my SSH key. However, the key is linked to some old account that I made that is linked to a different email and that I’ve never used. I even created a new SSH key with a different E-mail. Why is it contributing from another account? Even when I log into the unwanted account, there are no SSH Keys on the account. I’m so confused and any help would be appreciated.

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    The contributions are not accounted by the ssh-key used but by the email you set in the git-config and that is stored in the header of a commit messages:

    git config --global ""

    If you previously configured git with your old email, update the config as above. If you will need to “rebrand” commit messages using git commit --reset-author --amend.

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