Github desktop for mac cannot login

I’m new to github and I’ve just downloaded github desktop for mac (v217), but i cannot login, it always says “could not reach server”.
Image : the error msg

I’ve tried :

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    • Both my username and email for ‘Login’;
    • Reinstall github desktop;
    • Login with Git by trying “git push” to my repo and succeeded;
    • And there is no problem with my login on

    Thank you for the help 😉

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    We ran into this same problem. The solution for us was to have the new user check their e-mail and authenticate their account with GitHub. After we did that we no longer received the vague error message.

    I’ve ran into the same problem. I solved it by:

    1. logging into the web site

    2. then going to
      (Or menu Settings/Authorized Applications)

    3. revoking the access to “Github for MAC”

    4.Then I had to sign in from the Desktop app 2-3 times before it worked again.

    Remember: If you create by first time the Github Account and try to access to Desktop app (Mac/Windows) the message: “could not reach server” will appears if you haven’t clicked in “VERIFY EMAIL” in you inbox.

    I just went to email and click on “verify email” link and try again. It worked for me.
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